Renegade 2019: Knightfall III Results

Better late than never, right? I want to say a big thank you to everyone who came out. We had some last minute drops which took us to a total of 38 players! For the record, the biggest ever event was in the UK and had 40 players. For The Renegade Open 2020 (November 20th-22nd) my goal is 50 players. Get prepping, guys!

Below you will find the final standings of North America’s biggest ever Batman Miniature Game event – Knightfall III at The Renegade Open 2019. However, first I’d like to share a few notable things.

Tied between Aaron Cook and
Ben Cone
Chris Horst186
Richard Pennertz185
Shawn Freed184
Josh Velo164
Aaron Cook159
Mike Gerold923
Shawn Freed881
Aaron Cook877
Ian Schneider735
Chris Horst729

And now, for thethe main event in this blog post!

1Aaron CookKobra Cult20159877
2Ben ConeJoker2082284
3Jason ThompsonMilitia18106547
4Chris HorstCourt of Owls17186729
5Andrew TrippleCentral City Villains17142678
6Martin RyderRiddler17107223
7Colin PritchardTeen Titans1781237
8Ian SchneiderDoom Patrol15158735
9Boy Wonder DonovanJoker15132714
10Boy Wonder AdamBrave and the Bold15123574
11Willie Sarazuzu/SarazinBane15106693
12Lance VaughnBrave and the Bold15106359
13Adam RaganTeen Titans1593513
14Shawn FreedCourt of Owls14184881
15Chris NelsonPenguin1495335
16Ryan ThompsonBrave and the Bold1483300
17Josh VeloTeen Titans13164565
18Jacob WichmanBane1382145
19Richard PennertzBrave and the Bold12185591
20Josh RobertsWatchmen12131690
21Dan GutierrezBane12108469
22Arien PennertzGotham City Sirens1285528
23Josh MaxsonJoker1282462
24Mike GeroldLeague of Assassins1270923
25Dragi VuckovichBrave and the Bold10144146
26JT WannerLeague of Assassins10100310
27John AndrewsOrganized Crime1099271
28Harrison DavisCourt of Owls1093494
29Drew BrockingtonGotham City Sirens1084234
30Roger RandolphBrave and the Bold1076453
31Drew AmoLeague of Assassins1060298
32Thomas LoBrave and the Bold840123
33Andrew AtkinsBane7106650
34William PennertzBat Family793395
35Mason SattermanTeen Titans789451
36Boy Wonder MattBrave and the Bold780169
37Make-a-Wish MikeLeague of Assassins773277
38Erik PepperWatchmen262111

The Renegade Open 2020 is November 20th-22nd. Who’s planning on going?

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