Road to Renegade pt. 1 – Lists

The last exit ramp on the Road to Renegade is 8PM CST on Monday.

Screen Shot 2018-11-08 at 12.09.06 AM

Shit. What the fuck am I running? 

Since second edition dropped, I’ve been primarily running big Organized Crime crews. And while I’ve loved my time learning the faction, I have longed to experience the elite face-wrecking greatness that Brave and the Bold has been hogging for most of this edition.

I WANT PANTS TOO! (Skip to 1:10 for the punchline)

Enter The Society.

It’s everything I’ve ever wanted, really. Not only do I finally get to tell the Bat-dinks where they can shove it by beating them at their own quality model game, but I get to do so with so many interesting list building choices.

So what are the lists?

List 1: Double Deez Nuts

Ledger Joker

Resin Ra’s al Ghul

GCS Harley Quinn

FA Riddler



Pavillion A Subject

Shield Clown


3x 30 free rep

349 rep, $1500

The titular “Double Deez Nutz” is the pair of disarrays on Harley and Riddler, although that’s just the first of the headaches that this list causes. I cancel one of your strategys, once per turn you can’t pass, I can double Fast Advance.

If you’ve got tricks, I can Technique with Harley or shut off Special with Riddler’s Confusion. If you clump, I Henchman Bomb. If you leave a gap to your Boss, Ra’s assassinates them.

This is by far the list I’ve practiced with most, although that’s not saying much, as I haven’t had the time to practice as much as I should. I think that more than this list could hold me back at Renegade.

List 2: Murder By Death

Resin Ra’s

Malcolm Merlyn


High Security Henchmen

Pavillion A Subject

Pipe Prisoner

This list is 100% untested, but I think it just cleans up in Skirmish. Guess we’ll see?



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