Road to Renegade – The British are coming!


So.. here we are, Renegade is just over a week away and its going to be the 2nd biggest batman tournament in America (we’ll get you next time Adepticon!)
On top of being a big event, the participation pool has representatives from over 6 different states… thats a lot of Meta to worry about!

What to choose?



With such a potential difference in lists that I might face I started my journey by considering crews… which of my crews fared best against unknown opponents? For me it came down to 3 choices:

1. Brave and Bold
2. Organized Crime
3. Society

Brave and bold is a solid crew; lots of choices and competitive characters makes it easy to build two lists that can accomplish different goals.

Organized Crime is one of my favorite things to play, and I had two specific lists i’d run, both Mad hatter, one focusing on counter attrition using mind control, 2x fire and poison (hatter, heatwave, tet, AC scarecrow)
The crew is slow, but when it gets rolling it really puts out a lot of hurt.
The second list revolves around the merciless as a murder bomb. Hatter makes him a henchman, so he can be inspired, then mottom and lextrooper 2 both use follow me… this gives merciless 3 extra counters to play with (veteran if need be)
Both lists also have space for henchmen too.

Society is my least tested crew.. but it has a lot of potential. I only have one concrete list in my head, but I think its a monster.

Ra’s al ghul
Lex in armor
AO Bane
High security henchman

Its a pure murder list, with 2x exhaustive planner and a whopping 6 strategy points (3 fast advance, to really kill things)

With time to decide running out, I figured I had to be the shining beacon of hope for all the other players attending… thats right, Im choosing to be Gotham’s stalwart defenders, the Brave and the Bold!

My first list has aggression up front with some decent objective grabbers for later:
Nightmare Batman
Arkham guard 3
GCPD Policewoman
Son of Batman 1

Hidden magazine (Arsenal)
Street patrol (Spartan)
Grapple gun (Spartan)
Handcuffs (Spartan)

Total: 349rep $1500

I know what you are thinking.. Arsenal?


Yeah Arsenal, and what of it?.. he is one of the models that really benefited from 2nd edition, gaining a bonus to hit with good aim, and his charge is more deadly letting him double stun and then still shoot his bow, acrobatic keeps him mobile too as well as rapid fire on those explosive arrows, for crowd control.

My second list really focuses on… well, you will have to wait and see. List two is under wraps right now. It has the potential to be very special, but it also has the potential to be garbage though so we’ll see what the day brings!

Thanks for looking in,
Boy wonder Adam.


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