Road to Renegade – It’s not the size, its what you do with it.

Hey Batfans, Boy Wonder Adam here, and with just a week to go until the Renegade open is upon us, I thought i would give you my lists for The Last Laugh event. This is a 250 rep $1000 tournament using the 2 list format. 

The first thing that really jumps out in this format is how hard it is to build for, the lower rep limit really makes you think  hard about your choices…


After going over a TON of options (Riddler,BATB,Joker,Org Crime etc) I decided that i would play Society, and I  what you are thinking.. Adam wants to take a 310 rep crew for 250 rep games… well, yes and no. 

Society absolutely gives me more leeway with points and character choices so I’m way less restricted than other crews, but I’m playing this event 100% for fun as I’m gonna try to play pretty hard for the 350 event, and I would like to just have a good time with this one. 

..stop rambling and show us the dang lists..

Ok, ok ..

My first list is the one I plan to play for every game, but I might jump into the second list if for some reason I’m not enjoying myself. 

The list is as follows:

Reverse Flash 110rep $0

Arkham City Scarecrow 57rep $200

Rebirth Harley Quinn 77rep $0

Sirens Catwoman 66rep $0

2x 30rep reduction $800

Total: 250rep $1000


I dont have any groundbreaking insight with this list.. it just seems like it will be a blast to use, at first glance I feel it can do some big scoring early on, but is pretty fragile. It gives me the chance to use a speedster, which I am really looking forward to. 

The second list has a bit more teeth, and is something that could do well. It has good speed, a few mind controls and some punching power. 

Gorilla Grodd 120rep $0

Classic Poison Ivy 83rep $0

Rebirth Harley Quinn 77rep $0

Gorilla soldier 2 30rep $0

2x 30rep $800

Primal $150

Total:  250rep $950


So those are my lists for the 250… I just decided on them a few days ago, so its time to break out the brushes and get some monkeys painted. 

RIP Harambe, hope you are destroying kids in Heaven. 


Until next time, 

Boy Wonder Adam. 

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