Unboxing: Clowns Party

Hey Bat-Fans, Minnesota Sidekick Steffen here. I recently picked up the Joker Bat-Box Clowns Party and wanted to share the unboxing experience with you. Without further ado, here’s the video:

This is my first Bat-Box. My initial thought is: I love it! It’s a great feeling getting an entire 350 rep/$1500 crew in one box, and it’s very nice to get Joker’s unique objective in the box. Check out the tray that holds the contents inside the box:


As I’m sure you know, the box contains a set of equipment and strategy cards. In Bat-Boxes in general, this will include all the generic equipment available to your new crew as a whole, in addition to whatever equipment is unlocked by the characters in the box. In the case of the Clowns Party, Joker unlocks two pieces of Nerve Gas equipment, and Gaggy allows you to bring Enhanced Gas.  The set also comes with Joker’s unique Strategy, Why So Serious? although in my personal opinion that Strategy is not worth taking, To each his own.

Check out the new resin Joker Gas Canisters. I liked the old ones, but these completely embody Joker’s new look and feel in 2nd edition. They’re wacky and fun-looking, and I can’t wait to get them on the table.


While I am not going to show the pieces for the Joker starter blister (Joker himself, White-Face, Buffon, and Hobo Clown), I wanted to show the pieces for the five new models. Let’s start with Gaggy.


There’s a fair amount of mold lines that need to be removed, but it’s nothing a sharp scalpel blade won’t clear up right away.  I love that he’s riding a Joker Gas Canister pogo stick, so I’m very excited to build him. Some of the bits look a little fiddly, but I’m used to working with resin so I’m not worried. Next up is Dynamite and Ace of Spades.img_20181111_112125

Again there’s a fair amount of mold lines to get rid of, but it’ll go fast. Ace of Spades is perhaps my favorite of the new Joker clowns both in terms of his look and his rules, so I hope to get him on the table soon. Dynamite is great too and looks completely crazy. His cast is very good. Finally, we get to the big guy and the shooty guy: Borgon the Cursed and Rastaclown.


While these aren’t unique to the Joker Bat-Box, I hadn’t had the chance to pick them up prior to the Bat-Box so I’m going to include them here. There’s a lot of mold lines and flash on Borgon’s awesome axe, but other than that both him and Rastaclown are excellent casts. I’m excited to get them on the table.

Until next time!

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