The Good, the Bad, The Ugly: Crews at the Renegade Open 2018

In case you didn’t know, the Renegade Open is a gaming con in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and takes place in the middle of November. This year it’s November 16-18. It’s my second year being a part of the amazing team that organizes this awesome event. I’m running two Batman Miniature Game tournaments, and we have players coming in from no less than nine different metas!

In today’s #RoadToRenegade I want to give you a sneak preview of the spread of crews that will struggle for control of Gotham City at the Renegade Open 2018. I know the question on everybody’s mind right now has to do with the Society’s perceived power level and its representation at tournaments. Without further ado, here are the numbers:

Knightfall II: 350 rep/$1500 crews

Crews 350.JPG

Let me break down the Knightfall II numbers for you:

  • 60% of the crews at Knightfall II are the Brave and the Bold and the Secret Society of Supervillains
  • The Brave and the Bold represent 32%
  • The Secret Society of Supervillains represents 28%
  • We have 8 different crews and teams represented out of a total of 19 to choose from (not counting the Amazons or the Watchmen but including the Birds of Prey, Secret Six, and Teen Titans)

The obvious question on everybody’s mind right now is:

Should we be concerned about so many Society crews?

My answer to that excellent question is no. Since everyone diligently submitted their lists to me on time, I can safely say that the seven Society lists are all very different. While technically you could end up facing Society four times in one day, you will almost never face the same sort of list twice. We have a good spread of lists that focus on hiring the full allotment of Henchmen, spending all the extra rep on discounting Free Agents, and a nice mix. In addition, the choices of Henchmen and Free Agents vary a great deal. Finally, this Team gives players the option to pick and choose between their favorite characters, the appeal of which cannot be understated.


A good follow-up question would be…

“Why are there so many Brave and the Bold lists and is this an issue?

My answers to those are somewhat similar. We have a lot of Brave and the Bold crews, but for the most part, they’re fairly different. The faction has gotten a lot of love from KM over the last year and so has the highest number of models available as well as fantastic variety. In my mind, this means I’m not concerned as most of them will be playing very differently.

In addition, the Brave and the Bold recently got some really exciting new releases like Nightmare Batman and Anniversary Batman. Any time something interesting that shakes up how a crew plays comes out, players will want to play it. In addition, this is theĀ Batman Miniature Game, after all!

Knightfall II is a bog standard Batmatch with four rounds. However, this marks the first big event I’m running with the two-list format. I can’t wait to talk to the players after the event and see how they felt about it. In addition, I will attempt to collect data on how many players played both lists, and the number of times they played each list. Do players build one good list they expect to be able to take on most challenges with, and supplement that with an outlier list for extreme circumstances? Do they build two lists that focus on solving one very different problem each? Remains to be seen!


The Last Laugh: 250 rep/$1000 crews

Crews 250.JPG

Let’s look at the numbers, shall we?

  • The Brave and the Bold and the Secret Society of Supervillains represent 31%
  • The Brave and the Bold represent 10%
  • The Secret Society of Supervillains represents 21%
  • We have 10 crews or teams out of 19 represented (not counting the Amazons or the Watchmen but including the Birds of Prey, Secret Six, and Teen Titans)

My initial thought is that this is a very nice spread. The Last Laugh will see over half of the crews take to the streets in their fight to gain dominance in Gotham’s criminal underworld. As in Knightfall II, the Brave and the Bold and Society lists that were submitted are very unique, as there is no “one size fits all” for either.

I am extremely excited to see how this tournament goes. Since it’s a smaller format event, rounds are also a little bit shorter. When building 250 rep lists I have found that I cannot simply take my tried and true 350 rep lists and shave 100 rep and $500 funding off. Players are forced to flip the process on its head and approach crew building completely differently. This is refreshing to me as a frequent tournament organizer.


Stay tuned for my deep dive into the almost 90 lists players will bring to the Renegade Open 2018!

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