Wonderslam February 2019 Crews

As we’re getting ready for the first Wonderslam of 2019, I wanted to share an overview of the 19 crews that are vying for control of Gotham City on Saturday.

We have no less than 21 signups from no less than five states! Unfortunately, real life obligations have reduced that number to 19. However, 19 is still incredible considering the time of year. Thank you so much to everyone who is joining us!

Without further ado, here’s a list of the crews:

Court of Owls1
Gotham City Sirens1
Mr. Freeze1
Organized Crime1
Team Arrow1

This event is technically Eternal, but Standard encouraged. That means we’re using two lists. What’s interesting to note is that there is no Society at the Wonderslam. Maybe that’s due to our restrictions* or maybe people just realized that the Society is unbalanced right now and that fun is an essential part of a tournament.

It’s interesting to see that there is just one Team signed up. I believe there’s a lot of hidden power in Team Arrow, so it’ll be exciting to see how the Emerald Archer’s gang does!

Only four Brave and the Bold crews have signed up, which is surprising to me. With the sheer variety of models available to the “good” guys (I use the term loosely here!) I always expect to see a relatively high number of them.

It’s no surprise that we have three each of the League of Assassins and Penguin, given the fact that their awesome, brand new Bat-Boxes has started arriving Stateside. I’m likely picking up Penguin myself when my LGS, the Source Comics and Games, gets them in.

What are your predictions for the final rankings just based on crews? What are you hoping we’ll learn after the Wonderslam?

Changes to the Society for this event:

1) Remove Pyg from the list of hireable models.
2) Change the Followers rule to $500 instead of $400.
3) Remove the part of Egomaniacs that grant extra points, and add the following: Any traits that grant extra counters (eg. Inspire, Kill them, etc.) only affect models that share an affiliation as well as unaffiliated models. Ie. the Joker cannot inspire Mr. Freeze henchmen, for example.

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