League, From Start to Finish Part 1- Prep

Hello Everyone! Little Gotham Donovan here with a new article that I'm hoping to continue as I try and get everything painted this year! Its a crazy goal and I probably wont make it but I figured it might keep me motivated and help some of you readers out along the way! So, what is … Continue reading League, From Start to Finish Part 1- Prep

Unboxing – Anniversary Batman

Hey guys,  Boy Wonder Adam here with an Unboxing of Knight Models awesome Anniversary Batman! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=reC3OHiimdw&feature=youtu.be Right off the bat (pun intended), this model is definitely an advanced kit, it needs a decent amount of prep and dry fitting before you attack it with glue The kit also comes with 2 character cards, one for … Continue reading Unboxing – Anniversary Batman