Unboxing – Anniversary Batman

Hey guys,  Boy Wonder Adam here with an Unboxing of Knight Models awesome Anniversary Batman!

Right off the bat (pun intended), this model is definitely an advanced kit, it needs a decent amount of prep and dry fitting before you attack it with glue

The kit also comes with 2 character cards, one for BMG, and another for Knights red headed stepchild, the DC universe game.  You will also find a set of awesome equipment cards that become available to the Brave and Bold when you include A Bruce Wayne model to your crew, it also includes a unique strategy that you can take for any Batman, Nice!

overall this is one of the best looking KM releases to date, although, as mentioned.. it is a modeling project as well as a game piece.

And here is my finished piece.. I added a few elements, such as the gas canister to really personalize the model.. hope you enjoy!CE4B1DB8-1F29-4C19-BD53-19B74C9658F4

7F90905C-8BEB-484D-826A-4352D10078BBThanks for reading!

Boy Wonder Adam.

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