The Bat Family Comes to Renegade!



Hey Guys, Little Gotham Donovan Here with my 250 list for Renegade! So for this event I wasn’t too worried about bringing the best possible list I could. I wanted to try out the Bat Family, as I think they are just cool in general, and I think could be interesting for a smaller rep event. Really wish knight had released new Damien a month earlier but oh well, at least I still got my boy Jason! So onto the list

Red Hood Arkham Knight

Resin Nightwing


Batgirl (rebirth)




I am only bringing a single list since, A) I have to paint up everything over the next 3 days, and B), there isn’t too much that changes the list up at 250 that I’m interested in playing. So lets start with Batgirl. She has informer which is amazing for those first couple turns of getting the upper hand in positioning since I will probably be outnumbered anyway. The informer allows me to double down on that, and allow me to get the advantage of activating last, or seeing what my opponent will be doing. The overall plan is too sit back then when i see an opportunity, go in and hit hard. With all of the Bat family’s additional rules it makes your normally fragile models a lot tankier. Each member of my list can remove KO’d models in some way and if I don’t have a great opportunity, I have enough speed where I can avoid the fight and head over to objectives. Nightwing is my main damage dealer for this crew as he is pretty reliable and honestly just an amazing model overall. Red Hood is going to be my finesse piece, someone you can run in the middle of a crew and pop my strat so hes only hit on 6’s to then next turn unload on someone with his guns then gtfo while Batgirl and Nightwing clean up. I don’t know how well this list will do as I don’t have any practice games but it should be really fun to play and lets me get to see how well the Bat family is in action. I still think once they get more options they will be the team to beat, as their rules are so good. Anyway, I have to go finish painting, but I hope to see you guys at Renegade!

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